Food and Fine Art…the perfect combination!

Wow, this past month has been a blur.  Now that the remodeling and move is complete, Shelly and I look back and aren’t sure how we managed to meet our goal of reopening on July 1st, but we did.  The overwhelming consensus is that our move to this historic building at 4 C Bay Street and the inclusion of a gallery is a great one and the perfect combination of food and fine art.

Honestly, we hadn’t thought about moving Baked Dessert Cafe and it certainly had not crossed our mind to merge a gallery with our all natural desserts, breads and beverages, but then again, God does work in mysterious ways.  Hours before we learned that our building had been sold, we were told that the gallery space at 4 C Bay Street was available.   When we walked down to see the space, Patrick Henry was working in his gallery and the discussion of expanding and relocating Baked Dessert Cafe began.

Shelly and I have admired Patrick’s work over the years so having it now adorn the walls of our business is simply amazing and breathtaking.  The inclusion of the gallery has also added a new dimension to our business. We’ve had our fans find us and thus familiarize themselves with Patrick’s Fine Art and his fans have visited and, in turn, have become fans of “Baked”. All have commented that it seems to be a perfect pairing of the two and we whole heartedly agree.

In addition to showcasing Patrick’s work, we intend to highlight a local artist each month.  There is so much talent in this little town! The very first person we thought of for July was Debbi Dean-Colley.  An amazing artist, activist and mother, Debbi creates”Mixed Green Jewelry” which utilizes recycled and upcycled materials.  Her creations are simply beautiful and available through the month of July!  Stay tuned for the talent coming in August!

As the gallery and highlighted artist change, our all natural desserts, breads, cheeses and beverages will change too.  Of course, what we call “fan favorites” will always be “BAKED” at “BAKED”, but we will add more “old school” offerings like baked custards, apple dumplings and the like.

We’re also working on a “brown bag” lunch which will be healthy and affordable.  Sodas sweetened with California varietal wine grapes, organic yogurt, smoothies and local cheeses and spreads are already available.  Homemade crackers are also on our “to be conquered” list.  We’ve looking into a liquor license for beer and wine which may bring new meaning to getting “BAKED” at the beach, lol.  Our larger “digs” have afforded us room to included an area designed specifically to promote other local businesses and community events, everything from antiquities to landscape services, Lions Club events to firehouse fundraisers.

This move pushed us “out of the box” or should I say the “bowling alley”.   It has reminded us that change, even when not expected, can be a great thing and hard work and determination do pay off.   Even though, “It’s not all cupcakes and sprinkles”, this little family run business in the historic town of Berlin, continues to be “SWEET”!  So, when you find us and you get “BAKED” at the beach, please enjoy the perfect combination of Food and Fine Art!

Shelly, Patrick and Robin


“BAKED” is expanding to include a gallery and relocating!

BAKED DESSERT CAFE is expanding to include a GALLERY and RELOCATING to our NEW HOME at 4 C BAY STREET IN BERLIN, MARYLAND.  We’re just a hop, skip and a jump from the Atlantic Hotel and right around the corner from Bungalow Love and Coconut Bay and just across the street from Town Hall. You will also be able to find us and get “BAKED” at the Berlin Farmer’s Market every Friday from 10:00 to 2:00.

After learning that our building had been sold, Shelly and I had been scrambling to find a new home for BAKED DESSERT CAFE.  Many of our customers had kindly reminded us that “things happen for a reason” and that “something bigger and better will be on the other side” of what, at times, has been a very difficult and stressful situation. What can we say, “It’s not all cupcakes and sprinkles”.

We are so truly grateful for those reminders and for the “gifts” of support, encouragement and confidence that we have been shown by this great community.  All we can say is that the “Divine has certainly intervened and is very much present in the people we serve”! We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful new space in so little time and we expect to open the doors of this new historic location in the beginning of July.

As if it couldn’t get any better, our new home is the gallery of renown local artist Patrick Henry and we feel honored to continue to share and showcase Patrick’s fine art with the public.  In time and in addition to showcasing Patrick’s work, we will add and highlight the works of other local artists.  Our new home is bright and beautifully designed and allows for space to enjoy our all natural “goodies” while appreciating the gifts and creativity of Berlin’s local talent.

We are busy working on making our new space our own!   We will close temporarily on June 26th to move and reorganize, but intend to reopen quickly. We are excited to serve our all natural, fan favorite desserts, breads and beverages and we intend to include new additions to our menu for your enjoyment, some sweet, some savory.

Stay tuned to our facebook, twitter and website for updates on our progress.  Find our new home, stop in and take a peak and look forward to getting “BAKED” at the beach at our new location…4 C Bay Street, Berlin, Maryland 21811 410.641.1800