God answered my prayers…everything, every second beyond this point is just “Icing on my cake”!

I know that technically this is a blog about a bakery, but today I feel compelled to acknowledge what is my greatest accomplishment in life and it has nothing to do with business or bakeries.

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted a family. I’ve loved children and babies even when I was one myself. God answered my prayers and blessed me with three of the most amazing people…Vince, Nina and Sophia. As if that wasn’t enough, I got greedy and I asked God to allow me to survive in this world long enough to watch each one graduate from high school, believing at that point my children would be grown and capable of taking care of themselves and each other…no matter what.

This past Friday our youngest crossed that threshold. I can hardly believe that my three children are officially adults. Despite some parenting mistakes along the way, they have blossomed into the most amazing people I know. These three are not only siblings, they are best friends. So very different from one another, yet similar in that all three are kind, caring individuals who are following their own dreams and passions. They support, love, care and find protection in one another which, quite literally, comforts my soul.

God answered my prayers and I am grateful beyond words…everything, every second beyond this point, is just icing on my cake!