God answered my prayers…everything, every second beyond this point is just “Icing on my cake”!

I know that technically this is a blog about a bakery, but today I feel compelled to acknowledge what is my greatest accomplishment in life and it has nothing to do with business or bakeries.

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted a family. I’ve loved children and babies even when I was one myself. God answered my prayers and blessed me with three of the most amazing people…Vince, Nina and Sophia. As if that wasn’t enough, I got greedy and I asked God to allow me to survive in this world long enough to watch each one graduate from high school, believing at that point my children would be grown and capable of taking care of themselves and each other…no matter what.

This past Friday our youngest crossed that threshold. I can hardly believe that my three children are officially adults. Despite some parenting mistakes along the way, they have blossomed into the most amazing people I know. These three are not only siblings, they are best friends. So very different from one another, yet similar in that all three are kind, caring individuals who are following their own dreams and passions. They support, love, care and find protection in one another which, quite literally, comforts my soul.

God answered my prayers and I am grateful beyond words…everything, every second beyond this point, is just icing on my cake!


Shouldn’t everyday be Mother’s Day?

Shouldn't everyday be Mother's Day?

Shouldn’t everyday be Mother’s Day?

If you have ever met my mother in our little bakery, it’s unlikely that you would forget her. She’s short in stature, but she is as feisty as they come. If you encounter her at “BAKED”, which she frequents most everyday, expect that you’ll be strong armed into making a purchase, even if you’re diabetic. That has happened on more than one occasion.

I am one of 6 daughters, so my sisters and I calculated that our mother endured approximately 30 years of puberty, the birth place of her true craziness. Honestly, I know those years were tough on both of my parents, but particularly on my mother. I am happy to report that she survived the drama without addiction to alcohol and/or drug dependency…that we know of.

When I was pregnant with my first child, she lectured me on the worries and struggles that motherhood would bring. She rejoiced when after my son, I gave birth to 2 more children, both daughters. I think thoughts of revenge were behind her elation. When my children were teenagers, she again lectured me about the trials and tribulations those awkward years would bring and warned me that the worry and struggle of motherhood doesn’t end once your children are adults. She told me the burden of motherhood actually intensifies when your children venture off on their own, marry and have children themselves.

Blessed with 3 grown children, it is only after becoming a mother myself that I truly began to appreciate my own mother. She is one of a kind! I understand that their is nothing greater than a Mother’s Love and that Mother’s Day is 24/7 kind of deal.

Last night we celebrated her 80th Birthday with family and friends.

My Partner is Amazing!

My Partner is Amazing!

It is difficult to put into words how I feel about “my partner in crime” at the bakery! Nina’s not just a another pretty face. Her beauty runs deep and I am so blessed to share my days and dreams with her!

It’s been one year since my daughter joined me at BAKED Dessert Cafe. Her kind spirit, generous heart and people loving nature welcome all who cross our door way. Her creativity and culinary talent have brought great changes to what we now refer to as our “bakery dynasty” and so much more is to come.

I love owning an all natural bakery/cafe. I love sharing that business with my daughter, but most of all I LOVE Miss Nina or as her father and I refer to her as…our little “Newnie Bird”!