Getting BAKED might mean that you get NAKED!

Getting BAKED might mean that you get NAKED!

The newest trend in special occasion cakes is the NAKED cake. Nothing profane here, a NAKED cake is simply a cake that goes sans frosting around it’s sides leaving the beauty of the cake itself exposed and highlighting the delicious filling.

I love the simplicity of this cake and its homemade, handcrafted style proving that simple can also be stylish!


We do business in the “Coolest Small Town in America”!

This past weekend, Berlin celebrated it’s big win in Budget Travels Coolest Small Town in America contest. With street closures, live music, festival food and parades people of all ages partied in Berlin style!

There are so many things that make Berlin the Coolest…it’s historic charm, fantastic restaurants, it’s own craft brewery, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, unique boutiques, bakeries and arts designation, but the people in Berlin are really what makes it standout.

Whether you are a local or a visitor no matter; when you are in Berlin, you’re in a time and place where people are still kind and friendly to one another, where festivals and celebrations offer something for the whole family, where residence and business owners look out for one another and where service to others is the norm, not the exception.