“BAKED” is expanding to include a gallery and relocating!

BAKED DESSERT CAFE is expanding to include a GALLERY and RELOCATING to our NEW HOME at 4 C BAY STREET IN BERLIN, MARYLAND.  We’re just a hop, skip and a jump from the Atlantic Hotel and right around the corner from Bungalow Love and Coconut Bay and just across the street from Town Hall. You will also be able to find us and get “BAKED” at the Berlin Farmer’s Market every Friday from 10:00 to 2:00.

After learning that our building had been sold, Shelly and I had been scrambling to find a new home for BAKED DESSERT CAFE.  Many of our customers had kindly reminded us that “things happen for a reason” and that “something bigger and better will be on the other side” of what, at times, has been a very difficult and stressful situation. What can we say, “It’s not all cupcakes and sprinkles”.

We are so truly grateful for those reminders and for the “gifts” of support, encouragement and confidence that we have been shown by this great community.  All we can say is that the “Divine has certainly intervened and is very much present in the people we serve”! We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful new space in so little time and we expect to open the doors of this new historic location in the beginning of July.

As if it couldn’t get any better, our new home is the gallery of renown local artist Patrick Henry and we feel honored to continue to share and showcase Patrick’s fine art with the public.  In time and in addition to showcasing Patrick’s work, we will add and highlight the works of other local artists.  Our new home is bright and beautifully designed and allows for space to enjoy our all natural “goodies” while appreciating the gifts and creativity of Berlin’s local talent.

We are busy working on making our new space our own!   We will close temporarily on June 26th to move and reorganize, but intend to reopen quickly. We are excited to serve our all natural, fan favorite desserts, breads and beverages and we intend to include new additions to our menu for your enjoyment, some sweet, some savory.

Stay tuned to our facebook, twitter and website for updates on our progress.  Find our new home, stop in and take a peak and look forward to getting “BAKED” at the beach at our new location…4 C Bay Street, Berlin, Maryland 21811 410.641.1800

Recycled Red Velvet Cake…Delicious!

Red Velvet Truffle Bomb

At Baked Dessert Cafe, we bake all natural, buy locally when possible, compost our kitchen waste and of course recycle all of our boxes, plastic, glass and cans, but what about recycling cake?  This idea is not so far fetched, people recycle left over food all of the time!  One night you might have a roast with vegetables, two days later it becomes vegetable beef soup, stale bread can be morphed into croutons or bread pudding.  You see where I’m going with this?

For those of you who bake, you know first hand that there are great baking days and days where something just doesn’t go quite right.  Sometimes this can be explained, other times it’s a great mystery. We recently had one of those days when we were baking our all natural Red Velvet Cupcakes.  The oven was loaded and everything seemed right with the world until the end of the baking cycle.  For some reason the cupcakes didn’t rise to our expectations.  They tasted delicious as usual, they just didn’t look pretty.  We’re not talking about a few cupcakes here, we’re talking about several dozen cupcakes.    What a waste it would be to just discard them just because they weren’t perfect. What to do, what to do?

Why not recycle the cupcakes into another dessert I thought?  My creative wheels began turning and then spinning wildly out of control.  I landed on the idea of the cupcake pop.  I have made cupcake pops before, but didn’t have any lollipop stick for this project and then it hit me.  I would create the “Red Velvet Truffle Bomb”.  I started by pulverizing the cake in the food processor and adding enough cream cheese buttercream frosting to form a dough, similar to the consistency of a cookie dough.  I then scooped generous portions and rolled them into balls, placing them in pretty  cupcake cups.  When making cupcake pops you generally dip them into melted chocolate, but these were pretty big, so I decided instead to smother them with chocolate ganache and top them with a dollop of cream cheese buttercream and our all natural red sugar sprinkles.

Of course these needed to be taste tested.  Shelly and I thought they were fabulous, but our customer’s opinion is most important.   Several lucky patrons were given the concoction and their honest opinions solicited.  Once we had their “lip smacking” seal of approval, the “Red Velvet Truffle Bomb” became our weekly dessert special and I’m proud to add a “sell out”.  What was thought initially to be a disaster turned out to be a great success!

So, the next time you have an “off ” baking day, don’t pitch the end product if it isn’t perfect.  Think about how you can recycle it into a new and delicious creation!  Get creative and remember to get “BAKED” at the beach!