Baked Dessert Cafe + Burley Oaks Brewery = Perfection

We were thinking about cupcake flavors for St. Patty’s day and although we will offer the standard “Bailey’s Irish Cream”, we wanted to come up with something truly unique.  Our thoughts turned to chocolate stout recipes which in turn took our attention to Bryan at the soon to open Burley Oak Brewing Company in Berlin, Maryland.

Even before we started our business, we knew it was important to locally source and partner with surrounding businesses.  I’m not sure why that doesn’t make sense to everyone, but It just make sense to us.  If  one of us is successful, everyone wins because it brings additional “traffic” through our little town!  We regularly promote other Berlin businesses to our customers and they in turn have helped promote us.

Anyway, those were exactly our thoughts when determining what beer we would partner with our Valrhona chocolate cupcakes.  It was enough for us that Bryan is our “business neighbor” and that the exposure would be great for him and then I tasted his beer.  Now, I admit, I’ve never been much of a beer drinker, but his handcrafted microbrew is unlike anything that I have ever tasted.  The pale ale was so smooth with a citrus flavor while the stout was rich with chocolate undertones.  Oh yeah, Bryan also uses local sources for his barley and hops and like us is totally passionate about his work.

The Burley Oak Brewing Company is still under construction and will open soon so you might have to wait a bit to sample and purchase.  In the meantime, we’re busy crafting recipes which feature Bryan’s creations so get a taste of Burley Oak for St. Patty’s Day when you get “BAKED” at the beach.


2 thoughts on “Baked Dessert Cafe + Burley Oaks Brewery = Perfection

  1. OH. MY. GOSH.

    I don’t think I’ve ever made that long of a drive for a dessert, but that certainly might be changing.

    • We would love for you to visit us in Berlin. It’s a beautiful little historic town just 10 minutes from the ocean. Just an FYI, we’re experimenting with beer caramel and beer orange curd for filling. Thanks for your interest!

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