Whoopie for Whoopie Pies!

At Baked, our all natural dessert menu is ever changing.  Of course, we stock our tiny bakery with what we call “fan favorites”!  Shelly’s Apple Crumb Pie and Snickerdoodle Cookie, along with my Red Velvet Cake and Mad Bourbon Vanilla Cupcakes, but we also love experimenting with new flavor combinations and  researching “old school” dessert recipes.

Recently, we began baking Whoopie Pies!  Traditionally chocolate, this “part sandwich cookie, part cake” is a delicious concoction whose origin is quite  controversial.  Some say it’s Pennsylvania Dutch while others insist  that it’s was introduced by an Amish sect in New England.  Whoever or wherever the genius, the Whoopie Pie has quickly propelled itself to a place on our permanent menu board.

Most of the recipes we found for the Whoopie Pie used vegetable shortening in both the batter and buttercream filling.  Although, sometimes they are filled with “marshmallow fluff”.  We never use shortening, so the first “order of business” was to make a cake and filling that meet our “all natural” criteria.  After a couple of passes and after customer “taste testing”, we believe we have achieved success.  Our Chocolate Whoopie Pies, filled with homemade Marshmallow Cream have SOLD OUT everyday!   A variety of gourmet Whoopie Pie flavors are coming soon, so stop by and get “BAKED” at the beach!

If you have a favorite recipe that you would like us to try, feel free to share!


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